LIGHT THE TORCH es el nuevo nombre que han elegido los anteriormente DEVIL YOU KNOW, por problemas legales. La banda ha fichado por Nuclear Blast Entertainment. La banda está formada por Howard Jones (ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE) a la voz, Francesco Artusato (ex-ALL SHALL PERISH) en la guitarra y Ryan Wombacher (ex-BLEEDING THROUGH) al bajo. Su nuevo trabajo está actualmente en la fase de mezcla. 

Aunque hayan cambiado de nombre, el grupo por supuesto seguirá interpretando las canciones de DEVIL YOU KNOW.

Aquí tenéis el comunicado oficial en inglés:

After member issues and legalities continued for a year with no end in sight, we collectively felt it was time to put DYK to rest. Every effort was made to avoid this decision, but it needed/had to be done for the sake of moving forward. We will be forever grateful to those of you who shared that journey with us. With that said, we decided that this was a perfect time to write and record something truly different, something that reflected what we have been through and what we have become. Our new album is almost done being mixed, and there will be many more details coming in the following days and weeks. We are Light The Torch. See you soon.