Abhorrent Decimation

Reino Unido
Death Metal

Formed May 2013, Abhorrent Decimation made quick work of recording and releasing a debut record that has received great acclaim from fans and press worldwide. 
Their first sonic offering was debut single “A Putrid Vision”. The official video released via Youtube, has since received in excess of 24’000 views. Terrorizer Magazine proclaimed the single to be “Relentless…Unapologetically Heavy”.
The bands 5 track debut release “Infected Celestial Utopia” was released by Cold Birth Records and distributed worldwide via Plastic Head Distribution. The debut record received a plethora of promising reviews and press attention. Later in 2013 the band entered the live scene ready to deliver their brand of infectious death metal. Steadily building a legion of loyal fans across the UK the group began to rise up bills making a name for themselves with razor sharp performances. 2014 saw the band perform a number of shows up and down the country, including a tour of the UK with Italian death metal legends Hour of Penance, as well some key festival appearances. Notably their performance at Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2014 is where the band truly made their mark. After this performance the band received even more column inches in such publications as Metal Hammer & The Guardian. 

“This band have all the brutality and technical prowess required to make music this extreme detonate with maximum impact, but what they have that many of their peers don't is memorable songs underpinned by huge grooves and an infectious sense of momentum. New song Echoes Of The Vortex suggests that the Londoners' full-length debut will be one of 2015's must-have death metal record. Meanwhile, they have enough charisma to make their moment in the Bloodstock spotlight count and they leave the stage with a great number of new fans roaring their approval. F”%king brilliant, basically. (8/10)” – METAL HAMMER

“few bands will come close to the bludgeoning, groove-driven intensity of London-based miscreants Abhorrent Decimation. Death metal takes myriad forms these days, but it’s hugely satisfying to hear a band that have mastered the genre’s spirit and brought it so vividly and violently to life.” - The Guardian.

Now, with an audience in place and the anticipation built the band enter the studio to begin recording their debut full length album, due for release April 2015.


Integrantes del grupo
Ashley Scott (Vocals)
Dave McKinney (Guitar)
Will Cooke (Guitar)
Ryan Dennington (Drums) 
David Archer (Bass)


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